Il Diario di Tinton

{2001-05-25}   Day 01 – Airplane

I am now in the airplane. Everyone is looking at this interesting device I am typing on (the visor). It does feel kind of weird to type and I do feel like a nerd a little bit. Seat 16 F is a nice kid and is very curious. Looks this way, looks that way…

The trip from Cleveland to NY was OK. The driver was kind of cool: we stopped at one of those stations where there is actually a restaurant instead of fast food. He told us he would give us 27 minutes, but sure enough after only ten minutes he called everyone back into the bus and wanted to leave. He then explained, maybe 2 hours later (or so it seemed), that the reason why he shortened the stop to 10 minutes was because he was getting really bad service. Now that was interesting. A bus driver that actually takes such an initiative. He must believes in something. He must have some kind of a soul. But don’t all Greyhound bus drivers have some kind of a soul. They all seem pretty cool. It’s always interesting to get a Greyhound bus.

Then, when we arrived in NY, something weird happened: The lady that was sitting on the same row, but on the other side of the bus, looked at me, then did a weird sign with her hand. I was curious and got closer. She handed me a piece of green paper, which I recognized as being cash. She told me “God bless you”, and so I replied “God bless you too”.

At this point I was sitting, totally astonished and did not know what to do. I looked at her get off the bus, ahead of me. Then I thought I should find her and give her the money back (In the meanwhile I had found out that it was a $20 bill) telling her that I was in no need for it. After I got off the bus, she was nowhere to be found… Curious fact. I wonder what she meant and why she gave me that huge sum. Maybe she wanted me to give it to someone? I decided I should pass the cash over to somebody else…

I decided to go for lunch. I looked around, the choice of food in New York is great. After a long look at various restaurants, I decided to have some local food. So I stopped in a Chinese restaurant. What better city to eat western Chinese food than the place where it all started? True MSG Chinese with super tasty dishes a really rich spring roll, and a $1 can of coke, which I sipped in front of the public library on fifth avenue. A public officer told me to get off the wall I was sitting on, and told me to “sit over there”, by these tables with chairs, which looked like the ones of the private bar, but apparently were public.

It was fairly simple to find the Royal Jordanian offices in new York. It is really close to the bus station. I gave them $15.80, and they converted my 4standby coupon into something that resembled more like a boarding pass, but had no time of departure.

I proceeded to JFK, stood in line for quite a while, during which time I was exposed to the weekend TWA terminal 5 crowd, which mainly consists of travellers with 3-4 huge suitcases each. Yes, as a matter of fact the royal Jordanian flies through TWA terminal.

Now I am in the plane. I don’t think I will be sleeping too much. This plane is filled with little crying kids (at least 6 around me) and middle eastern people, which are similar to the Italian in that they like to talk loud and discuss (am I being to anal?).


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