Il Diario di Tinton

{2001-05-28}   Day 4 – Dublin, Ireland

There are lots of females here! Definitely more than males. And great breasts too!

Well, now a word from my host here in Dublin. It’s gonna be in Italian though.

be’ in realta’ davvero non abbiamo fatto niente… eppure sappiamo tutti quanto bello e difficile e’ questo non fare niente.. abbiamo camminato – ehe gia’- e un po’ qui e la’ abbiamo bevuto qualcosina (irish whisky, irish guiness) e qui e la’ abbiam pure mangiato (noodles and kebab) eppoi abbiam cercato la tenda, che magari potevamo cercare gia’ ieri, ma insomma… soprattutto con tenerezza abbiam guardato il cielo , che non si muoveva e abbiam parlato un po’ e abbiam fumato il tabacco splendidamente guarded (ma era poi questa la parola?) eeehh.. eh gia’… eppoi in mezzo a tutto, qui e la’ ci siam toccati, leccati, baciati, amati, coccolati e viziati un po’, va, si che va detto anche questo…. ah gia’ gia’ che abbiam riso anche, come no… e dormito!!! taaante ore.. va be’ o vabbe va’.. buon viaggio, buon divertimento, buon compleanno, cribbio, senza torta!!! … ciao piccino… spettacolo d’uomo bambino… con quella meravigliosa arte che hai d’amare.

(F. Tomasetig)

Do not buy coffee at the Dublin Airport. Never. It’s horrible.


London, UK

Well, not a good start for a day, but now I am feeling better. Nothing better than a nice cup of Nescafe’ coffee at a Nescafe’ coffee house. And I must say that there is actually a Nescafe’ cafe’ right in front of the Victoria train station, with Internet station, like at least 50 computers. A must if you are in Victoria. I also had a tuna melt sandwich, and it was also pretty good. The bread tasted a lot like Italian focaccia. But well made! Bravo. This made my day.

Now I am off to Woodgreen, where I will meet Molly and find a tent, thermometer and a towel.


Got the tent, water filter, water proof backpack protector and hi tech super small, towel in the only camping store of Woodgreen. The guy was funny and had this weird attitude of how life sucks (my first 3 choices of tents where out of stock). I stayed there for about 1 hour and changed my mind from initially not wanting to buy the tent (looking around other stores first) to realizing I was low in time and should have visited Molly. That was 182 quids.


I spent the afternoon with her, starting by mowing the lawn, she told me about all the neighbour things (she seemed to be doing very well) and introduced me to Maria from Genova Voltri. She seems very cool, but did not want to give me her address in Genova. She’s 27 and went to the Ruffini institute in Via XX Settembre. Mah. I think Molly will be able to get her address. At any rate, we then proceeded to polish my shoes. She can polish shoes better than me, which aggravates me quite a bit. But then again, it’s the experience. She claims to have learned in the army, when she was volunteering… In the whole, I had a great time with her, and I am happy to have seen her, and am happy that she is doing all right, although she is, in fact, taking lots of pills. But her memory is strikingly sharp..

I then proceeded to Gatwick again, where I met the rest of the crowd i.e. the people that were going to Lusaka, friends of Aneesh (which allowed me not to have to stand in line for ever).


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