Il Diario di Tinton

{2001-06-01}   Day 8 – Lusaka, Zambia

Ferry to ChobeIt is now the night before departure. Yesterday was pretty much like the day before a lot of partying, a lot of smoking in the tent. I had eye contact with these beautiful young lady, but I was sort of scared. I still need more contact.

Then was time to prepare for departure. We had a last meal today, with zebra and some kind of deer, I forget what it was. Stuff that came from gaming. From hunting that is.

And lots of grilled chicken and just lots of meat. I did feel pretty tired afterwards, although I had not mixed and only ate meat and vegetables.

Oh yes, last night I slept in the tent, but it was not as pleasing as the first night. In fact Aneesh finally decided to sleep over, so he didn’t need to be woken up by his mother early in the morning. But he snores. And he always snores. You know he will snore if you see him sleep. Now, the skill is being able to sleep when he is turned on his side, that is, when he snores least loudly. Then as soon as he turns back up you gotta wake him up. And tell him to turn. But overall it was a good night. At the end, I avoided the tent becoming the smoking hut again, and we chilled with the lamp on and rolled away.

Tomorrow it will be a 30 seat bus we will rent with a driver to take us to the border with Botswana. We wake up at 5 so I better go since it’s already 2:00.


Aneesh tried to wake me up twice this morning at 5. The first time didn’t work, the second time he started asking me what was wrong with my tent. And me, of course, living in it, got worried. But the thought did occur in my head that it could have been all a scam to wake me up, cuz my mum does that stuff all the time. But after all, being it my house, I figured there is no way I can risk it. So Aneesh did do a good choice of how to wake me up. I woke, packed, and the bus arrived, and we left.

The trip has started. It’s fun. for now. something is happening. We are all together in this bus. The fifth gear (overdrive), apparently has problems. Kamal was sad because he felt pressure from people for him not to sit in the back. In the whole its exciting: the sun is shining, but it’s not too hot. The temperature is great.

I am still worried about what to give as gift what to use as exchange. Mani has these bracelets she makes with beads, but there is a little more I need to have. Do I need pots?


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