Il Diario di Tinton

{2001-06-05}   Day 12 – Bus

We are now on the bus heading towards Zimbabwe with a stop in Livingstone. Yesterday, the six hour safari. It was very good, and we had that good tour guide, Stan, that the other group was talking so well about. He was good, as a matter of fact. We didn’t get to see all the cool things they saw the day before yesterday, but it was very good.

I decided to go camping in the national park on our next stop. Being inside life so much is good. I will need some advice, but I think it should be all right. There is lots of life here. If somebody ever felt like they wanted to live, they should come here and camp in the private camping, the one with no facilities, just space. You can come here, and live with other animals. All of them. All together.

After we got back from the six hour safari, we decided to cook the chicken, so we build a grill from scrap metal they had at the construction site near by (or actually we were trying to build it, but we then all decided it will be best if we let Chama, our driver, do it, since he was not letting go of the task. He had to do it, so it was good he did it. we cooked and all was all right.

After all the eating was over, a hippo was the main attraction. It was grazing under a spotlight in front of the restrooms. Everyone was enjoying its presence and making and taking pictures. Some people, like Aparna, more concerned than other.

Then I started rolling and Vijhung came by. This was all because he was sleeping upstairs of the Belle, that is the boat house, which turned out to be The original Belle boat, used to bring tourists around the Chobe river in the 60’s. Now, also Kamal was sleeping upstairs, and he decided to lock everybody I the room, as they were sleeping, which gave him a lot of power. So Vijhung was probably or felt probably responsableand came down to make sure all was all right. The Kamal went to bed, Vijhung followed and so did I. Or so I thought. It was rough. At least the beginning was. First very loud Snoring from above and below. Then the sleeping bag was backwards, or I was backwards. Then I finally fell asleep, but I soon woke up for peeing. Outside was creepy. I felt like there were lots of creatures watching me. I thing there was one hyppo just infrot of the Belle (or the Titanic, as Charma lilkes to call it) and a few on the other side of the bridge.

Now we did the border which was a trip. First we went to the Botswana-Zambia border to get nto Zimbabwe, becuase on the way int the immigration guy told Aneesh that he had to bring the customs forms back to that border. He was a little confused but did it. Thenit turned out that after we all got our passports stamped, we needed to go to the other border, the Botswana-Zimbabwe one. Which overall makes more sense. So we did the the first Botswana border, then the second Botswana border and finally the Zimbabwe border. I paid 30USD for my single entry tourist VISA.

22:42 Dairy products

if you have dp they might make your body chemistry, and how warm milky products are mortal and lethal.

I wish there were more monkeys in north america. because they are alwaus putting on a show. monnkeying around evolution is not wrong: they act like us, and wanna do all what we wanna do. (Mani)


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