Il Diario di Tinton

{2001-06-06}   Day 13 – Hwange National Park Main Camp, Zimbabwe
Visor in Nature
I am on a safari in Hwange. Aneesh is taking a picture of me with behind the giraffes. I am trying to tell hi how to take the picture of me. That’s all because I miss my camera. I do quite abit. I will have to buy a new FM2.

It’s Leena’s birthday today. She is not feeling to well, though. She probably has … some infection.

But let us continute with the whole day safari. The park here is a lot less populated than the Chobe one.

Now it’s 16:14 and we are heading home on two pickup trucks. The safari day, all day that is, was pretty boring from an animalistic perspective. We got to see zebras, which were pretty cool, but that was about it. A few elephants, and monkeys and giraffes, but that was all in the morning. Nothing in the afternoon. The temperature today was great. The day was cloudless, and I mean cloudless. Nothing in the sky. Aneesh told me yesterday that he might be coming with… he was thinking of buying a pickup truck and driving it which would allow us to camp in it if we needed to, and it would be durable and cheap. I wonder what’s going to happen with that. It is still not sure, if he is going to come or not, nor am I sure on if I want him to come or not. If he comes, he will definetely have to bring a tent of his own. Because he is very loud.

This day just contributed even more to my urge of wanting to camp in one of these parks. Hearing the elephants, and being woken up by them is a great thing. Almost as good as playing with the monkeys during siesta time .

Today when I woke up I realized that I have two holes in my tent. I will have to patch them tomorrow, after the walking safari.

Windy is sleeping after pasing between Aneeshes legs which apparently is one of those activities that bring bad luck. For her culture, at least.

23:53 Yesterday was full moon. I don’t know if I was being affected or not. But it was very brght outside. Tonight it is not full, Or so I think, the theory is that it is not. I am in my tent, which still has 2 holes in it. I can hear the outside, which is totally quite now. Only some birds here and there. One that just passed kinda close to the tent, too.

I got some neighbours today. Germans from Frankfurt. They shipped their VW minivan to Namibia, then drove from there to here. I thought they had driven it from Germany. They have this big cloth, like a carpet hanging to divide the front from the rear, the driving cockpit, that is, from the living corners of the minivan. And this carpet has a big sun in the middle, so when they are driving, you can see them, and in the middle this huge sun…

Mani was not feeling well tonight, so we decided to measure her feaver. My fever strip, mercury-less thermometer read 104F or 40C, which is very high, but we didn’t tell the rest of the group. So Aneesh knows the truth of the temperature, Windy forgot it, and Nitasha, who is the paranoid one, that freeks out, thinks its around 38-39, which is what I told them. So tomorrow, should be walking safari, but might not be for Mani or Leena, whose birthday today it was. And also she is not feeling too well. She looks like my sister a little, in so far as shealways gets sick. So she threw up a little on the safari today, but today or rather tonight she did not have any fever… So tomorrow Aneesh will stay home to cure the sick. While the rest of the crowd will do the walking safari from 6 to 10 approx, then we have a break during which I will fix my tent, and in the eveningwe do the nite safari.

I shall now go to sleep.


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