Il Diario di Tinton

{2001-06-08}   Day 15 – Victoria Falls

We are now on the road for victoria falls . Microlight will be the activity I want to check out. It seems like it should be fun, and interesting.

We arrived at this lodge. [Hey, K-dog, could you pass me something that has the name of this lodge on it?] It’s called Lokuthula lodges at Victoria Falls. I hope I am excuesd for forgetting this name in the first place. The place is marvelous. Beautiful and fantastic. Warthogs were grazing around here last night, before sunset. there si a prch with furniture that is uneven, because hanmade, yet stll very comfortable. The doors to the porch are actually strong canvas with as tick on the bottom and there are ropes and pulleyssuch tha you only have to pull this rope to open it. the ends are sealed with a strip of wide velcro, and then locked with a strong zipper from the inside To open, unzip, then pull on the string, which pulls the vlecroopen. It feels like you are raising a flag or pulling up a sail.

Then we went to the Boma restaurant. My condition was noteworthy to describe. The day started with the bus ride, basically. So after having packed the tent we all lft with the bus, and I started drinkingafter I had herad that Manisha had bought a flask of Ouzo. So I pured some in water, ina bottle and off we wet. Then we stopped at a few artist’s shags, were peple were buying local art for dirt cheap. The socendstop was curious as I did not want to shop, and actually did not wat to get off of the bu even because I was feeling very sleepy. But thenI got off wih my shades, jacket and bottleof Ouzo. I didn’t buy anything, but people still wanted stuff, so I gave about 10 cigarettes away, and I gave them the bottle of diluted Ouzo, since they wnated my “Water”. Good, I am hapy I made them happier without buying anything.

So then I made another Ouzo bottle from a water bottle. And the ride proceeded. Whenarrived downtown Vic Falls, we went to a pizzzeria and ate, but they didn’t serve any alcohol, since the alcohol licenseis pretty hard to get like in the states. In fact, just like in the states, you cannot have/carry/drink alcohol in public areas. So I purchased a bottle of beer at te baracross, and was drinking it iwth a smoke outside the restaurant/pizzeria, since Idid not want to smoke inside. Then Aneesh came out and somebody that was suppsed to be the olice or security guard, but was ot dresed like one, told us to go inside, and we went inside the bar, and talkid to these 3 locals, who told us some things,like that jobs arehard to get, the problems in Harare scare a lot of people all over,thus diminushng tourism/jobs and about nitelife and such.

There was some tesion. I don’t know what’s going on but Windy seemed to keep on talking to Aneesh in Indonesian when I walked back from the forward walking group to tell Aneesh that Manny should get some more attention, as she is not feeling better. Windy seemed not to care, by proceeding to talk in Indonesian as if I was not there. I don’t know if she was talking about Manny, or me or whatever. Whatever. But Aneesh, in this little shopping center in the center of the city, was able to score some small hunk of dark colored. At any rate, the point was that I kept drinking also at the lunch table. The beer that is. Then we came to this Lokuthula lodge. And did some more smoking. But this time we had the two different kinds, the one from Zambia, from Aneesh, and the one from Main camp in Hwange that I got from Louis. Plus we also tried the new stuff from Vic Falls, and we kept drinking. And after that we went to the Boma, which is the restaurant here at the lodge. So I was totally hazed. Big time. I mean really. But then there was the boma. The restaurant. It is apparently a very famous thing. First they serve you with the traditional drink in cup of metal with enamel, that kind of cup that if it is chipped you do not want to use, as its chppings (of the enamel) are toxic. But my cup was not chipped. Andthey pured this whiteish concouxion in it which was about 2% alcoholic and tasted very grainy and weird. […]

Then it was open buffet. So I had some soup, and then warthog steak, some bore sausage, and some other wild game animal kebab. The food was great, but I was very hazed, and could not enjoy it too much. Then they put up a show too, these kids were dancing and singing, and Manny said that she could probably dance like that too.

Then we came back,actually me , Manny and Vijhung were walked back by a guard. When we came back, then the others came back and Aneesh was saying that he was going to smoke with Nits… I wonder how that went. I eventlually took an aspirin that I got from Mariagrazia in Cleveland. And I put it in a glass, which I thought was filled with water, but was instead filled with sprite and gin. So I had the soluble aspirine with sprite, tonic water and gin. It was interesting, but it worked. I went to bed, while the others started to play UNO in Aneeshes bedroom.

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