Il Diario di Tinton

{2001-06-20}   Day 27 – Arusha, Tanzania

Not too much sleep on the boat. Not really. At 6am we had already arrived, and since we went to bed late, we didn’t really get too much sleep. Leaving the boat was interesting: on the way out I ran into the kids that I hung out with in the VIP lounge, and they helped me out too: they offered me a cup of coffee for 50Tsh on the street by the port, then walked me to the dala-dala and paid the guy 100Tsh to go to Ubungo, where the bus station for Arusha was. At the dala-dala bus stop, a bunch of people approach me, and a cop is there too. I tell him my problem, he talks to the kids, tells me to follow him and as he goes away, he pulls with him the storm of kids trying to convince him to be elected. He is fairly quiet and at last turns around towards me, and says: “This one: follow this guy here”. So I did. And he took me straight to the ticketing office, were they were asking me for 40,000Tsh, but seemed to be happy when I gave them only 20USD. I boarded the bus, it was 7:20am, and the bus left at 9:20am, instead of 8am.

The bus ride was pretty interesting. The most painful part was the beginning sitting for 2 hours in the bus with no air, or very little of it, and heat. But once they got going, things changed a little. It was airier. It was a very long trip though: 580km, 10hours which makes average cruise velocity 58km/h, much faster than the 33km/h of the train.

Towards the end I met Zumbezi, or something like that ( i wrote the name on my hand, so I would not forget, but then before I wrote it down for real, I had to wash my hands with dish washing detergent (in order to eat, I didn’t have soap, they didn’t, so they just gave me the dish detergent, in powder) so it was all gone), who made me get off at a big hotel, came with me, showed me where to change money, hooked my up with a campsite and a TAXI driver, then sneaked a ride with me on it.

And that is how I got where I am now, at the Masai Camp ($3/night). Which opens a whole new Masai world. See, the Masai is a tribe here, one of the only tribes to have maintained their tradition. They are the tribe that people always talk about the one where they circumcise at the age of 12 with a knife and no pain killer, and the boy has to smile during the operation, and they do the same for the woman where they cut off the clitoris, so they don’t want to fuck as much. ‘Cuz what happened was that once the men had to go away for a big fight or hunt, they stayed away a long time, maybe about one year. And when they got back, many wives had children or were pregnant from somebody else. The wives explained that they were doing it just for sex, not to betray the husband. So as a way to stop that, they decided to remove their clitoris.

Then, also, if you are not home, and I am your friend, then I can come into your house, and if your wife is there, I can stick my dagger on the door, put my hat on it, and fuck your wife. If you come home, and see the hat, you have to wait outside, until they are done. And this same tribe lives with cattle and does not farm, but only eats meat and cheese, they dress funny and always have a stick and are very skinny,. They kind of remind me of samurai.. And they remind me too of the American “equivalent”, the Amish people, because the Masai also don’t use technology and like to move from one place to the other and have their dress code.

Then I met a couple of Canadians, who had just climbed the Kilimanjaro

Then I talked to the bartender, Adolf, and then to Joseph, a kid that was working here and sitting at the bar chatting away. then I started talking to Joseph, and it started with politics, then if finally got to Ohm’s law, for some reason as we were trying to calculate or to see how to calculate how to warm up the windshield of a car with a resistance. Then that took us it incandescent light bulbs, and Neon light, then the came back to thermodynamics discussing how you can defrost the windshield also by sing a/c instead of hot air.

Then Adolf hooked me up by asking Isaac for some grass, and Isaac, security Masai guy, gave me 5 rolls of packed stuff. which i promptly put in my hat and on my head. And that night ended pretty much like that. We then went to bed and I slept in my tent.


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