Il Diario di Tinton

{2001-06-21}   Day 28 – Arusha, Tanzania

Today I basically chilled. I didn’t know what to do, because yesterday I just went to bed without planning. I woke up around 11am, wrote the last 3 days of this book, and organized somethings, fixed my pouch, and finally at almost 1pm I went for lunch and breakfast and started to see how I could get out of there and move on. The plan was not too bad: go down town, buy a ticket on a shuttle bus, ad leave. And since I was in town, I could have also done some internet and exchange some money.

The guy I met yesterday and talked about physics, he was apparently part of this safari group, and was waiting for his group to get back. I saw him today, as he was preparing dinner for the group, that still had not arrived.

When the group came back, one guy started talking to me and saying how there are two groups and some people are going to Dar the next day and some are not. Then I started putting in the drawing book the rules for the bao game. As it turns out, they guy I had just met, was called Bill and today was Bill’s birthday, and the game I was writing rules for, I ended up playing with Zachery ( )which made me live through quite an interesting experience.


Zachery, in fact, as you can see from his website, is 34 and has a few kids. He first started to be a priest. But soon God made his future turn around, and he quickly became a mount Kilimanjaro guide climber. Then one day he met these americans, a couple, that were very interested in him and believed in him. So they wanted to help him start his business. After climbing the mountain with him, they went back to america, and the Americans assisted and sponsored his business: they fist send some money for the office, then some for computers, and Zach slowly built up a name in the internet too, being served by the american friends.

One day the americans decided to go back to Tanzania to see how Zach had spent the money. When they saw that the business was actually there, they were surprised but happy.

We played bao together and as we were playing I started having serious doubts about the rules, as I feared.

The night then proceeded with Zach being extremely drunk on coffee and double whisky ( he had 7 of them) and paid some for some ladies, and half one for me, and at the time of paying the bill, he was giving Adolfa very hard time. That was funny and interesting the way Adolf was looking at him, knowing that he had money, and was just extremely patient. Then one of the Englishmen came to pay too, and this guy was ready for some serious bargaining. Being to drunk, he was obviously unable to see that that was a place were you could not bargain, at the most he could get a discount, since the ir group was very big. So the bartender gave him a discount, but the man insisted more and more and wanted to drop the price. But Adolf could not bend, because he knew that any more discount than what he gave already, it would have had to come out of his pocket. Eventually the drunk Englishman paid and left.

After all this I went to bed.


Toni says:

Wow! I think its really cool that Zach’s website is still up! and his picture is there too. Go Zach!

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