Il Diario di Tinton

{2001-06-22}   Day 29 – Nairobi, Kenya

So I wake up with the noise of the big group packing up and leaving. I am lazy, so I roll around for a while, then wake up, do some cleaning around and morning-tent-organizing, and then by the time I walk out of the tent, the big english group had already left.

I start packing up my tent, under the rain, and my stuff, while still in the tent, then I go out in a moment of non rain. The intermittent Tanzanian rain. I notice a tent , a new one, with a motorcycle next to it, and I meet the owner, who had also just gotten out of his tent. He is from south Africa and is travelling south I belive. but he told me that there were about 6 people from the big group that were gong back to Nairobi, and that I probably could have gotten a ride with them. But they were going on a shuttle anyway, so whatever.

He seems to be preparing to leave, so I ask if I can get a ride to town. he agrees, and gives me a helmet, and tries to start the motorcycle, which doesn not start. So he tells me to start walking, that we will check the spark plug to see if he can fix the problem, that seems to be new. So I started walking, and after about 5-10 minutes I find in front of a Matatu bus asking if I wanted a ride. I asked if they were going downtown, and hopped on. the ride was 150Tsh. not bad.

Now I just had to follow the plan b I had prepared the day before, so I went to change some money, then I went to the telephone house, to call Adam and home. The procedure there is operator assisted: you write on a piece of paper the number you want to call, the lady operator makes the call and tells you to what cabin she will connect you to.Then you go in the cabin, pick up the phone, and she waits until the other side picks up, then starts her CASIO digital stopwatch for the duration of the call.

I called Adam. He didn’t seem to be too excited that I called.; I don’t know why. Maybe he was but I could not tell. At any rate, I told him I would have called him from Arusha, and I did.

Then I went to exchange money again, to a new place, because I wanted to buy some Ksh (Kenyan shilling) and I even decided to go back to the first place, because the rates there were a lot lower.So I did, and on the way back, i met another street guy, that said that his brother worked at Riverside, the shuttle I was planning in taking, that I had heard was very good. And he took me there. I bought a ticket, left my bag there, and followed the guy, whose name I forget ( I belive its Ibrahim), to the internet cafe’, where I did some of that.

Ibrahim waited outside. Then I had something to eat, and Ibrahim started talking to me about girls and drinking and bars. First he said to pay attention in Nairobi at bars for people putting stuff in your drinks. He told me the story of the Japanese guy.

The ride to Nairobi started perfectly on time and was pretty smooth. I really enjoyed all the landscapes. When we stopped at the border, the women, of some tribe, I don’t know if they were Masai or not, but they were very insisting. and sticking stuff in my face. But some women understood what I was saying or that I did not want and respected that and pulled back smiling. Others did not. but a lot of them had big big pierced or stretched ear lobes.

The second half of the ride was a little bit more social. AT any rate I got to Nairobi, and to the Nairobi Park Services camp site, since I could not get to the other one, suggested by the guy at the bar at the Masai camp site. It was called something like Appeil. The taxi driver, recommended by the shuttle driver ripped me off by asking me for 2000Ksh instead of about 1000. But the camp site is OK, so I stayed and met some people while sitting at the bar. These are white locals, and they told me how they had no idea about getting to Ethiopia and who to ask. Then they were going some place, and one of them asked me if I wanted to go. I said yes, then he asked members of the group if I could come along. they did not seem to be to excited about the idea, but eventually they agreed and told me to come along.

And I told them I had to drop off some money and exchange some, so I went and did it, and by the time I was done, they were gone. what a shame. I would have liked to go and do some Nairobi night life. So after that I really did not do much but talk to Smiley, an auto electrician that works here. He is also the local taxi service.

At some time along the night I found my self on a hand made long chair, pondering about how there are different types of learning methods. You can learn something just by hearing about it, without needing to live it. That is really good. Or you can learn something or rather you might need to live to believe, and then once you have experienced, then you understand better. and learn. but you then learn the whole field, not just that one thing. So, you get screwed once, then you sort of learn how not to get screwed any more . But then there is also a stage where you have to get screwed for all different things, like getting robbed, falling into a trap, or getting mugged. There is a a stage where you have to learn everything or you will not know how to do it. And that is pretty bad already. Then there is the worse stage, or class of people: those who never learn. No matter what happens or how often. I think I fall in to the second category.

So I just brushed my teeth, then cleaned some grass from stems and seeds, and smoked a little and went to sleep.


Toni says:

Too bad the different learning methods is so messed up and unclear. I wonder what i meant and if it had something to do with the three types of wisdom: taught, logical and experiential.

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