Il Diario di Tinton

{2001-06-24}   Day 31 – Nairobi, Kenya

Tomorrow Oki is going to Masai-Mara national park for free, instead of paying $50/day plus $17/day park fees, which totals $280. I was thinking of going with him, but I think I should not. Just a few hours ago I was thinking while taking a dump that I don’t want to leave this country with the impression that I have seen it and don’t want to come back. I just want to get that “oh, yes, I’ve travelled through Africa, but didn’t see much. yes I met some people, but I would be glad to go again and cover more interesting places”. I would like to come back with Mec and Jeff…

So today was pretty boring: just sitting around at the camp doing little, like playing carrom and pool. Night finally came and it was time to eat. They were showing James Bond The world is not enough on TV. Pretty nice. Then, all of a sudden, Smiley noticed some blood on the floor: it was one of the dogs, Fire, who was bleeding from her leg. So Brandon, the owner, was promptly called, but he was having dinner and did not want to be disturbed. There was a lot of tension now at the camp site. People didn’t like the way Brandon just didn’t come back to take care of the problem.

One lady tried to medicate the wound by wrapping it with some medical gauze, but she didn’t tie it tight enough, so she didn’t stop the bleeding at all. Fortunately, at the same time, another man wa trying to find some vet and succeeded. Fire was taken to the vet and the vet said that 1 artery and 2 veins were cut by probably some form of knife. At this point, when the bar lady translated these words from Swahili to English, the camp site entered alarm mode: somebody is trying to break in and is damaging/hurting the dogs. So the guards armed themselves with their strong, and dangerous bow and arrow, and went around the site to check if somebody was there. But they didnt’ find anybody. In the meanwhile, James Bond continued on the screen and eventually finished. I was kind of scared that if someone was breaking in, I might be the one to suffer the most since I was the only tent pitched on the lawn. And the lady barlady was telling me not to say these hings, that it’s just silly. So then I asked why she looked worried, and she said that if they break in she might very well be the first one to go, since they will want to come inside and raid the office. So I laughed and recognized this behaviour as a characteristic female one. and asked her about it, but she just laughed and said nothing.

I finally decided to have the last beer and go to bed, when The perfect Murder came on. So I watched a little of it, but it was too Hollywood, so I finally decided to go to bed. At this time, Oki was developing a new theory about the cut leg: Since there are no blood traces on the floor outside, maybe she got hurt inside with something sharp. This would eliminate the break in danger which, they thought, was threatening them. I slept in the tent and all went all right.


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