Il Diario di Tinton

{2001-06-26}   Day 33 – Nairobi, Kenya

I am coming to the conclusion that the people here are used to working their asses off. They could come to america and work 3 jobs easy. And they are used to doing it for their whole lives, then reaching age of retirement without a penny, or actually with some money, but nothing close to western money. Some people work all the time, and still after 30-40 years of working they cannot even afford 100USD.

I picked up my passport VISA and went to see if I could get a VISA for Sudan. I talked to Mike, and he told me that he came through Sudan no problem. . He is actually from Romania, and has spent the last 4 years on the road, 2 years in Egypt some month in Turkey, and now a few month in Nairobi. He uses the internet to travel: he designs webpages, and since now there is internet everywhere, when he runs out of money, he makes sure he ends up in a big city, then goes to see if there is somebody who wants a webpage, by showing them the pages he has done so far. And since he is pretty good, he always gets a job. Then, he leaves again . But now he has to go back home for Christmas. And then he will go again, travel.

At any rate, he told me to go through Sudan, that there is no problem. The only problem is the VISA. It takes at least 3 days and 4 photos, with letter of reccomdation from your own embassy. I tried to get it in Nairobi, but they told me that they only issue business VISAs. Then, as I was walking down the stairs o leave, I remembered never to assume anything, so I went back upstairs to bthe Sudan embassy lady, and asked her if it was possible at all to get a tourist visa, and she told me to try in Addis Ababa, as they might issue them there.

Then, when I came home that night, I talked to Mike about it, and we was very surprised: He said that that was very funny since they issued a VISA to a guy from Holland about a few weeks ago. Then I told Mike that the lady at the embassy also told me that they had not been issuing tourist visas since january first and that I had not told her my nationality until after she told me that they don’t issue VISAs for tourism. Maybe she recognized my accent as being from America?

The evening was a lazy one. After a chicken dinner at the hostel, and after playing around with Mike to try to get the scanner to work, I went to bed , already thinking to leave the next morning.


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