Il Diario di Tinton

{2008-05-13}   Mark’s Birthday 2008

What a day in NYC. I certainly did a lot. I am very happy.


  • Wake up at 6:30 at Tess’, take a shower, have breakfast with Tess: leftovers from yesterday’s party, i.e. handbaked cookies and cheese cake.
  • Took train to johnnie’s office arriving there 40 minutes late. He is still sleeping, I can’t work until he gets there: another 40 minutes.
  • On my way to Mark’s, Olga sends me an SMS: she is ready to talk.
  • Lunch at Mark Gurarie’s: on my way there, I stop by a cake shope and buy a heart shape cake for him. Lunch with him and Catilin, she prepared a nice salad, and sandwiches.
  • Work at Mark & Catilin’s
  • Olga calls: we decide to meet. All plans are changed to accomodate meeting Olga Lower East Side, 4 J stops away from Mark’s.
  • While I wait for Mark, I wash his dishes. He still isn’t there, I start going, and meet him by the stairs.
  • Meet Olga at Bluestockings bookstore, with his sister. We talk a few blocks away, at the Cake Shop.
  • Hang out with Olga’s sister Martina and Jeff at Cake Shop.
  • Meet up with Federico there.
  • Meet up Johnny at his music studio.
  • We play music with lights out.
  • Johnny drives me to Tess’s.


In the meanwhile, I discovered a bunch of stuff, like Greg Potillo’s new music project, and deciding to actually take Olga to the next level.


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