Il Diario di Tinton

{2008-06-25}   EOS Lisbon 2008

Another trip for work. I arrived on a saturday late night, and left on the next satruday early morning. Convention setup started on monday and went until tuesday at 1530.


Tuesday was national portuguese holiday, while Friday was June 13th, San Antonio, the patron of Lisbon. So I came and found 3 working days, 2 of which I was in the convention all day. So basically only one normal working day to run errands, Monday.

Bike Rental

I rented a bike soon, I think it was Monday. I asked the hotel first, but the lady told me there was no bike renting in Lisbon. I immediately understood that she was not the right person to talk to, but she referred me to the tourist info, which referred me to a little bike rental store, which happen to organize more long term bike tours and rentals, even to more remote locations. They called the hotel for me, to find out if I could park the bike in their garage, and were going to charge me €50, but because of all the holidays, it would have been tricky to return it. So I would have had to return it on thursday.

So I went in search of a bank to get some cash to pay for the bike, and on the search I ran into another bike shop, and they told me they would be open on saturday, so I could return the bike then. Only, I hadn’t checked my ticket by then and it turned out that I had to be at the airport by 6am, so the bike had to be returned on friday anyways, which was that Lisbon Holiday.

After having called, I ended up locking the bike in front of the store, locking the helmet with the spiel, and putting the bike tire repair pouch inside the helmet. I hope all will be there until tomorrow morning when they come to pick up the bike. I even took pictures of where and how I locked it.


Maria is a street woman I ran into when I was taking pictures of the bike, by Praça Município. It was a weird encounter. First she asked me something, which I could not understand, so I asked her to talk slower. I think it turned out to be whether I was married or not. Then she asked me for a coffee. I gave her some coins. With her other questions and words, I got distracted from the picture taking process, and I only took pictures of the bike, and not of the fact that it was in front of the store. It is possible to see the car of the store next to it, luckily.

Then, eventually, as we were walking away, she expressed how it was a shame for me to be leaving tomorrow, and how she wanted to take me out for lunch, but on her expenses. She told me she has 2 son/daughters, in their 30’s. Then we parted. Pity I didn’t take a picture of her.

Daniel ‘Popa’, the Romanian

Chaz’s Camera


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