Il Diario di Tinton

{2009-11-16}   Il diario di Jack (film)

L’ho visto in italiano. La trduzione era scarsa, non mi e’ piaciuta: non scorreva e poi specialmente la parte del padre che si riprende dall’ictus.

The movie was fun, disturbing and entertaining. It contained critical elements to the show biz system, based on lying, cheating, connections and economy more than skills. In many ways it hints to that, but then the way it ends, the movie removes importance to these aspects of showbiz.

For example, it was very nice to see that there were artists who were sending in their work and were not getting reviewed. And that these artists were taking action in trying to get a revenge. However, the script made them appear as irrational, violent and not well prepared. There was no need for them to break in and beat up jack.

There was also no reason for jack to go beat dude back. Except the movie makes this action look and feel ok, while makes the first act of violent appear as irrational and not right.

I liked very much the father, who is able to finally connect with the cosmos through the only natural part that was in the home he was staying: the fish tank. In a way he is portrayed as being crazy, even though he says wise things. That role could have been more explicitaley used as an example, had the movie happy endind ended with a deeper connection of father and son and the cosmos, something to portray that what appears to be crazy and loco, actually isn’t necessarilly only what it appears.

Overall, not sure i would recommend it. I wasn’t too impressed by the movie. I was a little deluded by the too fake ending.

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