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{2009-11-18}   Taxi in Naples

When arriving in Napoli, make sure you talk to the hotel or destination to find out what the ‘tariffa predeterminata’ for that area is. Both the train station and the airport are pretty central. For example, to Santa Lucia, from train station its 12euros, from airport its 23.

This fixed rate has been installed to avoid taxi scams. It must be requested at the cab driver upon entering the cab, and the passenger must know how much it is, otherwise, they look it up on the table, then they make up a number, much higher than whats on the table. And the passenger, tired, doesn’t feel like asking the driver ti see the table.

Also, the rate includes baggage, night fee and all. Its fixed. If they try to make more, don’t fall for it. I usually let them scam a few euros off of me, which allows for tip, but not more.

Beware of the illegal drivers: they will come up to the traveller inside the airport or train station, look for whoever has lots if luggage, and offer a ride. They usually charge 100%-300% more, and if the traveller asks them the correct price, they refuse, cuz its not worth the risk for them. So they keep wandering until they find someone who will get scammed.

So keep off of these drivers. Its easy, if the traveller knows how much she is supposed to pay, cuz she can just offer the normal price and they will go away. Otherwise, it is most beneficial for her to ignore them, and search for the taxi parking lot. They are white, with a TAXI sign on the roof.

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