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{2009-11-22}   Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Great pizzeria! Got contact from Luigi L., a local. Got there on a saturday at 1945, picked up ticket number 62. We went for a drink, came back 30 mins later, and only six numbers had gone in. So we decided they wer sitting 12 numbers pee hour, and calculated it would be like 3 hours.

After going for a walk in the nativity scene central street, we waled back at pizzeria, to din out they were already at 82! We had missed our turn, however we got seated after 5 mins.

The place has a huge wait on sat. Nights. Huge line, mostly locals. the locals consder it the best pizza in town. I must say, the differences are suddle: i had a great pizza at gusto and gusto in via partenope. The da michele pizza might have been slightly better, indeed.

The pizzeria Is in via Cesare Sersale 1/3 in Forcella (close to duomo).

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