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{2009-11-27}   The Fifth Element

Suggested by Olga.
Watched yesterday, november 26th at Ciapee, in original language with polish subtitles.

I enjoyed the movie very much, because its main theme, its moral, its punchline is that there is that life is more important than time, and love is essential for life. And its a ‘colossal’, and its rare to find a colossal film portraying love in such a pure and fondamental form. Most of the time, i find it to portray passion instead of love.

Great costumes, great music. Great effects, considering it was made around 1996.

The movie is very fast pace for me. Not to exciting. Very nice the four scenes at once, which/all end synchronized with the take off of the ship. Good, however too dense for me. I guess they are made for a hectic society, like the one we live in.

However, the movie does contain a bunch of contradictions: it seemed like it was really hard to get to the paradise planet, that everyone wanted the free tickets, then why did Zorg just fly out there at the last minute? Couldn’t he have sent his men the same way? Or, why weren’t the heros escorted by the cops if the president was assisting them? Those politicians were doing nothing just watching the show remotely. Then at the end the big dark evil planet, which stopped at 68 miles from earth, seemed not to bother anyone. No consideration of the diastreous consequences a mass of that size could create for the orbit, light and livability of the earth…. Story was a little out there.

However, i suggest the movie. Its fun and positive, even if there is too much shooting and fighting and evil.

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