Il Diario di Tinton

{2009-12-27}   Bagni di Pisa

Xmas at Bagni di Pisa, a spa. I think its the first time i went to a spa. Great time, very relaxing. Was there with Olga, mum, dad and Cinzia.

The present opening session was much better than usual: we did one gift at a time, whoever got the gift was up to go get a new one from the pile and give it to somebody.

Did a scrub based on honey and brown sugar. Was very pleasant. The massage therapist from bulgaria, Natalie told me she doesn’t have sex anymor, masturbates rarely, doesn’t whatch much TV… Talked alot.

Olga tried some more things for the hip/leg pain, in addition to the thermal baths, saunas she jad an injevtion of ccortisone and tried muscle relaxants on the way back. Little relief.

On the way back we stopped at Anna Caravella’s place and had coffee, and she showed us her new stuff and style and we might get us her sink when she changed everything.

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