Il Diario di Tinton

{2010-01-20}   Avatar 3D

Seen yesterday at Fiumara, dubbed in Italian for €11.50.

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The 3D effect was very good, in my opinion. It took me a while to get used to it. Moving the head around a little helped. The eyes got tired at the beginning, then they got used to it. However, because of the nature of cameras and depth of field, not everything can be focused at the same time. So, althogh some object might be very close, however, if the cameras are focussing further away, the close object will appear unfocussed.

The story started out well and promising however ended with usual hollywood ending, fighting, shooting, killing. Yet another story where violence is won with violence, which is absolutely utopia as well as imopossible. In various parts the plot could have taken a better route , for instance when the cute pilot suggests she thought they could have won the evil without destruction.

The effects: amazing. Very well done. I couldn’t even think the Na’Vi s where actually animated. They looked so real… And all the other creatures as well.

I recommend to see the movie in 3D and in general, to see it: its a milestone for movie making just as Matrix was (although for completely different reasons). With this movie, i believe we now officially enter the 3D cinema era… finally. 😉


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