Il Diario di Tinton

{2010-01-28}   State of the Union 2010

And for the first time i watched a state of the union speech. I thought it was a good one. President Obama talked about the goverment admitting how rotten it is. This, in my opinion, is rare for a political speech. In fact, the Republican answer mentioned nothing about it.

A good point Obama made was that the American people have lost faith in Washington. This was one of his arguments why now it is time to make changes happen and make things work, while referring to some details of the bills the house had drafted. So, first things first, lets win the people’s faith by playing clean and open: he was suggesting having all or more of the government’s thought process online.

I believe this to be a good point, because it can catch the interest not only of the idealist and moralist, but also of the individuals who leech off the government, those who contribute to its rottenness: these might hear “play fair for a while today, gain confidence, so i can take advantage of the people some more tomorrow”. Whatever takes everyone to play far, man, go for it. Even if the ultimate goal is to eradicate all evil, delaying or even “just” reducing it is a small but valuable and necessary initial step.

So, all in all a powerful and alive speech. I was very impressed.


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