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{2010-01-31}   Watchmen (film)

About watching

Saw it on jan 30th 2010 at hotel Grand Hyatt in Buckhead, Atlanta for topsFest 2010. I was flipping through the channels on the TV in the hotel, when i ran into this movie, relatively towards the beginning.


It was catchy, i mean i got stuck in front of it, because of the beginning scene when the scientist is tellig the story of how he became Dr. Manhattan, having gotten stuck into this machine, which supposedly would have killed him. And his collegues and lover couldn’t stop the macine for some reason, so they watched him die. Turns out he didn’t really die, turning into a blue, capable of teletransport and transforming into any kind of energy, very equanimous and enlightened looking being.

The plot got intricate turning into a superhero movie, where the most powerful of all enemies, which usually is the evil man, keeps switching from evil to wholesome.

Very entertaining. effects are cool. The plot is very intricate. After having read the plot of both the novel and the film, i come to the conclusion that i have understood most of it, except the most important ending 😉 Its a crazy plot which expresses that even if sometimes telling lies appears to be justified, lies eventually surface. However, by concluding the story there (newspaper office about to read Rorshach’s journal), it is not clear whether the exposure of the truth will result into more destructive consequeces compared to those resulting from Adrian Veidt’s hypothetical passiveness. In other words, has Adrian’s intervention, based on deception, really helped, or did it make things worse?

’nuff time spent on this movie.


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