Il Diario di Tinton

{2010-02-22}   Chicago

Arrived yesterday in Chicago from Warsaw for ADA SCDI meeting.

Interesting switch of airplane: i purchased a ticket arriving in Chicago on Friday and leaving on Wednesday, so that i could pay a much lower fare (€450 instead of €2200). I really just needed to be in Chicago from Sunday to Wednesday.

Then, when at the airport, they canceled the itinerary because, apparantly, the connection was too short. When i went to reschedule, i had the option of flying any day and returning any day. So i picked Sunday and ended up getting what i was looking for, for the same price and i stayed an extra two days with Olga in Warsaw.

Sam lives with 3 more roommates and Gizmo, a very cuddly, friendly dog. It was very nice to sleep with him on the couch. I look forward to it tonight and tomorrow night.


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