Il Diario di Tinton

{2010-02-26}   Newspapers in Naples

I arrive in Naples and at the Alibus bus stop there is a man selling newspapers. All seems normal, except the newspaper have a “FREE” stamped on them. The man explains.

He admits that its an illegal thing he is doing, even thogh the newspapers are sold at the correct price. He gets the newspapers from a newsstand guy he knows. They guy gives them to him on credit, for €0.50. Where does the newsstand guy get them from? These are newspapers which are give for free to the railway system, so they can get distributed to the passangers, probably first class and overnight. However, the railway dudes, probably sell them in bundles for maybe €0.25 to the newsstands instead of distributing to the passangers. After all, its much easier, and it even generates an income, right? The newsstand can’t sell newspapers with the word “FREE” stamped on them. And if he gave them out for free, he wouldn’t be selling the other ones. So he finds these individuals who sell them on the streets and sells them to them. And that’s how it works.

When i talk to Max about this (the Bed & Breakfast guy), he calls this “The survival of the Napolitan citizen”. He actually believes that it is most likely the man is tellign a lie, and that he actually picks up the newspapers directly, either by knowing where they are dropped off in the morning, or by knowing where to find them.

Now, in a way, this is kind of sad: the train system looses quality. However, this lost quality generates revenue for the trainworkers, the newsstand and the jobless. I don’t really like the scheme, actually: its illegal and it doesn’t feel wholesome. I especially don’t like the first part, where the train workers who steal, make a profit.


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