Il Diario di Tinton

{2010-02-28}   Fried Pizza

Fried pizza. Yes. Its more of a fried calzone, actually. Its deepfried, so its important for the oil to be not too used. And one of its most used ingredients is ricotta.


Appearantly, fried pizza is considered by many to be a scottish atrocity. Even wikipedia talks about that kind before writing about Naples. So its not really a fixed aesthetic, like pizza (whatever the recipe, a pizza has to be round, with white, most of the time also red toppings and a rim of dow). Not the fried pizza.

cuz the one i had was more like the fried calzone. Then others make it with two pizza dows, stuffed with whatever filling. Very different aesthetics.

However, it was good, and it wasn’t as heavy as i thought, or as it could have been. I recommend, as a Naples experience.

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