Il Diario di Tinton

{2010-03-08}   Wald vor lauter Baume

German movie about a school teacher who moves into a new town, new life, and is not able to find it. She gets overwhelmed by the major difficulties of starting a new life, getting accepted by students, and socializing.

The movie is a snapshot of reality, without a developed plot, really. Its a collection of situations, each of them equally painful to watch, in which the main character keeps hiding her emotions, and the society keeps cutting her off, without really giving her a chance to open and/or connect. So, in her most painful moments, the only person she opens up with, is her neighbour. With everyone else, she lies and doesn’t comunicate what’s bothering her. She puts all eggs in one basket and ends up scaring her neighbour Tina away by getting too close to her too quickly and with unappropriate behaviors, such as stocking. It also seems like she is flirting with Tina.

The characters seems very well written, realistic and consistant. Even the school students’ comments are sound for a situation in which the teacher has no power in a classroom.

The movie gave me plenty of unpleasant sensations, to the point in which i started fastforwarding it, which i usually don’t do. I didn’t enjoy watching it, howver i recognize how it might have an important role in society, where similar ‘loser’ personalities can relate to and not feel like they are the only ones, even though no solution to her problems are presented.

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