Il Diario di Tinton

{2010-05-05}   Inglorious Basterds
2010-05-05 Volo Washington-Paris con Orlando Sartori e Davide Conti.
Watched in original language.

The pleasant

* Good acting.
* Long lasting suspense scenes, with lots of dialogues.
* Slower movie: suspense scenes are super extended to maximize suspense.
* Dialogues in original language, german, french, italian. Lots of it.
* Pretty shots and scenes. Very pretty the scene of the cigarette flying in slow-mo towards the pile of film. Pretty foot shots,
* Brad Pitt is courageous to do the southern access. And he is quite successful.

The unpleasant

* Gratuitous violence, excessive violence.
* Hi suspense.
* Suspense based on violence.
* Its kind of a pointless story: its not real, although the characters are, so this real-unreal is confusing for the young audience which might grow to believe history went that way, that Hitler burned in a movie theater and that the war ended that way.

Influence on Society

Terrible. This is certainly not what society need right now. I am probably missing the point of the movie altogether, however, i can read revenge all over that movie. Revenge, fight violence with violence, death with death.
Its supposed to be an entertaining movie: its not entertaining to see people taking advantage of other people, hurting and killing each other. There is almost no love, family, friendship and peace in the movie. Maybe the beginning scene and the scene in the basement bar, where a group of soldiers get drunk and play a game together. That was nice.
Lots of drinking and smoking scenes too. Portrayed as something cool. Which i guess cold have a historical reason to be there, even though the plot doesn’t seem to follow history to much.
The plot line was pretty straight this time. I don’t see the breakthrough in this movie. Seems like Quentin is resting on the fame of Pulp Fiction.

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