Il Diario di Tinton

{2010-06-02}   MASH

MASH was not easy to understand, partly the sound, the pronunciation and it seems like there was a lot of American background that i didn’t grow up with.

At any rate, the movie was somewhat disturbing, and felt somewhat sexist, in that the few woman in the movie seemed to be made fun of by the men, and were getting away with it. I realize this, though, might be a depiction of military society, so it might actually be a praise rather than a critique.

Also praise worthy was the acting and the filming: very natural. Kind of looked like it was actually filmed by some of them on the field. Even the fact that the sound wasn’t great and the diction of the actors also wasn’t very clear.

The irony was a little cold. I like how it mocks the military system, actually, as i am not to fond of having to have a group of men trained to protect a country from violence, threat and killing through a humans who train and get specialized in threatening and killing themselves. I understand how a little of that is necessary for protection, and i also understand how it can get out of control and abused by minds who are not connected with the universe.

All in all, it is a classic movie. Not sure why, however it does surface some cruel and problematic issues of our society. The question i have is “did this movie help society become more aware, conscious and closer to suffering less, or does it actually move the watcher away from that, making him or her live more disconnected, in lala land?” And i have a hard time coming up with an answer, because i don’t think i have all that understanding of it to be able to get a feeling of what it could be like for somebody who grew up in the US.


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