Il Diario di Tinton

{2010-07-21}   The Crucible

I watched this movie about a year ago, don’t remember where, probably a hotel somwhere in the US.

I was very touched by the story, especially the kind of relationship between Elizabeth and John Proctor. It seems to be cold during the movie, however Elizabeth supports John at the end, when he decides to get hanged by refusing a confession (he actually does confess, however ends up ripping the confession). In one of the last scenes, right before John is going for the fork, she shows her support, letting him know that she will not be angry at him.

This is pretty amazing. I have a hard time imagining such a level of acceptance in a relatioship today. I could totally see the partner which is staying alive getting despaired and hating the other partner for making a choice that leaves her/him alone with the rest of the family.


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