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{2010-09-10}   Naples Bed & Breakfast

That's the hotel where i work. (Image by Hari Seldon via Flickr)

I go to Naples for work about 6 times per year. At least i have for this past year. So i keep going to the same b&b, i booked all the future dates of when i will be in Naples. Its not the cleanest and coziest one, but whatever, the people are fine. It’s the BB Morelli 49 – Bed & Breakfast.

When i arrived yesterday, Max, the dude who runs the show, surprised me with an apology and a bad news: he messed up planning a reservation and was surprised with a phone call announcing that the group of individuals with special needs was coming and he wouldn’t have had place for me for all days. So the first night, i was going to sleep there, the second night i am sleeping at his brother’s place, the third and fourth night, even further out.

The Morelli place, wasn’t exactly next door to were i have to work already. And i was thinking of going to a closer one. Now he moves me further and further out. Twice i get to change lodging, let alone the room within the same hotel!

He told me its the drugs he is taking were the cause of the initial messing up. Poor thing, on the one hand i pity him, on the other hand i feel like its getting a little too overboard. Today he wanted me to come home early, so he could take me to his brothers place, via SMS. And i replied, via SMS saying that i am here for work, and i will be with a customer at night. And that i am paying for a service so i can have the freedom to work until i need to. That i could have stayed with friends if i didn’t need it. He told me i was right, and that didn’t change his attitude too much.

Today i saw a b&b exactly next door to the hotel where i work, the Hotel Royal Continental. I called, they only want 10EUR/night more. I’m going to check it out and probably tell Max how things are and switch. His place didn’t even have bathroom inside the room, and this happening was just too much.


Toni says:

And there’s more! So the second night was OK. The third night, the brother picks me up, with the moped. I ask for a helmet, no helmet for me! OK! Thanks! And i ask for internet, and no internet! Even though max had told me they had internet.

Oh, well. Shoots, i wanted to go check out the other B&B today, and i completely forgot. I even had time for it….

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