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{2010-10-06}   Maradona by Kusturica
Maradona during his debut for Argentina in a g...

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saw it on the airplane, french subtitles, didn’t understand most of it.

First Kusturica Movie i see. It is very close to raw footage, combined with some scenes of other of his movies, like When father is away for work (or something like that), black cat, white cat. These short scenes from his other movies seemed to me to be an effective marketing strategy, as i really got more interest in his other movies and added them to the todo list of movies to watch. So i had mixed feeling about this choice of adding them: on the one hand, i liked a little how they worked with the Maradona life, and how Kusturica was reaffirming that he was really meant to work on this documentary. On the other hand, it feels like he was showing off his other work, an ego trip.

Certainly, the documentary helped me realize how big Maradona is, in terms of fame. Also, much about his personality: now that he is clean, he feels very guilty for what he has done, and how he has behaved while using Cocaine.

The documentary also showed his political role and statements and how there is a strong belief of being able to influence politics through soccer.






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