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{2010-12-17}   Missed Flight
Boeing 767-400ER by Delta Airlines.

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On November 24 2010 i had to be at the MXP airport at 9:15 for the 11:15 flight out to JFK. When i woke up and saw the sun light fill the room, it didn’t take me much time to realize it wasn’t 5am, actually it was 8 or 9 ish. There was no way plausible i could make it to the airport in time to catch the flight. And the non-plausible way would have involved running out of the house, forgetting who know how many things, and reckless driving to the airport, and a completely stressed out next few hours: been there, done that, no thanks.

Great, so i missed the flight, i thought. I was smiling, like i usually do, in order not completely lose it. I was laughing actually. What else could i do? At that point, the deed was done. I was shocked at how i didn’t hear the 3 alarms i had set, though (or was it just 2?). Or maybe they actually didn’t go off?

My plan was to get dressed, call the travel agency and go to the airport regardless of what they said: in the past once at the check-in counter, they put me on some next flight without too much fuss, even if it was my fault who was late. The travel agent confirmed that the fare was a cheap one, and that i would have lost it all.

So i wrap things up, close the house and as i am leaving, i notice phone calls coming in from private number. Probably mum, i thought, and didn’t pick up the phone to avoid somebody else commenting on my lack of ability to organize properly: there was already me doing that, and i assure you, it was enough. Now i had to stick with the plan and hope for the best, or waste a thousand Euros or so.

While driving, i get a message and i learn by reading it, that it actually was the travel agent calling back, to inform me the flight had been delayed! By like almost 3 hours! What a deal! So now, from having lost the flight, i was actually able to sleep in, take advantage of every extra minute AND stop at the bar for breakfast! What a deal!

Is it karma? Or is this a reward from the universe for not developing expectations? At any rate, it doesn’t end here, because 3 weeks after the fact, i get a Letter of Apologies by Delta Air Lines in the mail from the director of customer care, Toby Broberg, offering free miles as an apology gift! Oh boy. I wanted to answer Toby with a letter, and decided it would take too much time. So i posted this instead. I’ll do the letter here, just i caste Toby runs into it:

REF# 9541916

Dear Toby,

i really appreciate the apologies you sent out. It’s one of those things that helps the customers feel special!

Thanks you Delta Air Lines Inc. for the delayed flight on november 24, 2010! This allowed me not to miss it, because i overslept that morning. So i feel like Delta Air Lines Inc., in a way, has already helped me out, even if unknowingly.

As far as this particular occasion goes, i could happily renounce the 2,500 miles, even if, as a frequent flyer, i could certainly use them. They are however very useful to restore my confidence which might have gotten or might get damaged by other past of future situations.

Once again, thank you for coming out and trying to connect with us paying passengers!


Toni Magni


divina come te says:

you, and toby. Toby and you. Fanno due.

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