Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-02-23}   127 hours

23 feb 2011 BA ORD-LHW

i think this is the first movie i wasn’t able to watch completely. i can’t remember any other in my life time. It might have to do with the medical procedures, which i often faint looking at. However, i was shocked already just by hearing about this story, when Fede first told me about it in NY. When i flipped through the channels on the aircraft entertainment center, i immediately recognized it.

I don’t think this is the deepest or most insightful movie i have seen, although i am not sure. I am too distracted by the fact that it is by far the one that has stimulated the strongest sensations of all. I just can’t get my self to imagine how i could deal with having to amputate or severely damage some body part in order to survive. And that’s what surgery is all about, and that’s probably why i feel so sick every time i see surgeries. I don’t mind seeing accidents, i think. It’s not the blood that bothers me. It’s the purposely, controlled, planned damaging the body that bothers me. It’s weird. I wonder if a surgeon that sees this movie feel any of that, or if he/she is so used to performing these kinds of surgeries that doing it on themselves is only about dealing with the pain. The pain! That’s also what it is. I am so afraid of it, it’s scary. So when it’s there by accident i’m cool with it, it feels natural. If i have to self-inflict it, no way! On the other hand, i am pretty confident that in a similar situation, after four long days getting closer and closer to death, and always more delirious, i most likely would end up with the same conclusion.

At any rate, certainly another film similar to lost in the wild, where a big concern is that nobody knows where the character is. In 127 hours this seems to highlight the independent attitude of Aron. The message is clear: as players of the game of life, we are encouraged to use all the pieces, as it will give us more power in the game. Asking for help is a big part of the game of life, and when the players learn how to ask for help, a whole new field of possibilities opens up, including increased chances of survival 🙂


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