Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-02-28}   Ex Drummer

The only reason why I watched this movie was because the band members i play with kept talking abut it and I couldn’t understand the jokes. I’m still wondering what the purpose of this movie is and if such realities actually exist in real life or not. It think they do, and so maybe the point of the story is to expose the readers to the filth of today’s society.
I would consider it disturbing to say the least. There is almost no figure in the movie of a wholesome person or activity. All relationships between characters are violent, disrespectful and unhealthy.
The one funny part of the movie is when Big Dick and the writer are standing inside of the woman’s vagina. I was fine with the explicit sex scenes, while I was not fine with the gratuitous violence.

I do not recommend watching this movie.


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