Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-03-25}   The Green Beautiful

“The Green Beautiful” is a great green movie, which has a great deep beautiful and productive moral, instilling hope in the viewers mind.

The movie is silly In its simplicity and has a few flaws in its plot. For example, the movie doesn’t address how the far away planet where Mila comes from, is able to work without rain. Or how the inhabitants deal with the cold and wet rain when they sleep or live, without using fire or huts for shelter.

However, not all of its funny silliness is harmless: in some moments, it feels like the disconnection might actually be more harmful than beneficial. What was the point of the soccer match scene? It seemed like Mila, her kids and friends wanted to have fun with other humans by watching them disconnect and be silly… Not really a wholesome activity.

Especially the scene where the crowd at the stadium all ran down toward the field: inevitably the thoughts i had were that they were getting squished and killed between more people and the grid or glass shield that divides the soccer field from the stadium. This scene i really didn’t understand. They didn’t show anyone suffering or dying, however i certainly did suffer, knowing what would really happen in that situation.

Curious to read on the trailer that it was banned in the EU. I wonder why.

At any rate, all in all it’s a pleasant movie which stimulates critical thinking, if not taken the wrong way. Because of its silliness, it could, in fact, be interpreted negatively.


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