Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-05-10}   Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker, a 2010 french and light, positive, non-violent movie, with a light story. Actors worked well. Ending is a given, however had many interesting elements, like the members of this con-artist team: the hot protagonist, his sister (LOL! i liked her) and her husband. They work very well, and are portraid as down-to-earth human beings.

The movie has many mediterranean elements, which pleasantly breaks the hollywood style con-artist movie template. The mafia boss character added also a pleasant freshness to the plot, as he revealed to be a very smart and caring person, smarter than the main protagonist (which is rare).

The movie can be used as light, low-stress entertainment, as both the plot and the acting is quite clear and does not require too much brain-power to understand. Definitely way more pleasant the light-hearted mainstream hollywood-style movies.

The team works to help avoid women fall into situations in which they most likely will not want to find themselves in the future, or learn not to confus hormon-driven desires with long lasting life goals. The message of the movies seems therefore clear: do not give too much importance to immediate passionate feelings, and do what you really want. This, though, could contrast with the ending, in which the main character actually does go after this woman he only has know for a few weeks, and now believes to be in love with…

Bottom line: It’s a fresh movie. Watch it. But don’t expect anything deep.


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