Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-05-12}   Stonehenge and Chicago Skyline

I’m looking at the Chicago Skyline from the Hotel, and i just saw “The Secrets of Stonehenge”. And i’m looking out and i’m realizing that all these skyscrapers, all these buildings, following the law of impermanence, are all going to be gone one day! And that’s just weird. Cuz they are huge, and are so massive.

And some day, somewhere, someone is going to say: “What was here?”. So i was thinking “But who’s gonna come here and say what was here?” If i think about all civilizations which have disappeared, El Dorado, the Egyptians, the Stonehenge inhabitants, Atlantis… like… their inhabitants were less in number, apparently, then we are now, on the planet (at least that’s my understanding of it). However i still wonder if this planet has ever housed more inhabitants than now of this species this size. I don’t think so.

So the question is: Who is gonna come? It’s going to be such a big mark in history, that it’s probably not going to be an unknown. However, somebody coming from a different planet, when all this is changed, when earth is completely different, no atmosphere, and no possible form of life, people or other life forms might come here and be like “Wooou, what was here? This is massive! What was here?” and explore and dig this Chicago out, just like we are trying to explore and dig out what happened at stonehenge.

Then i was looking at the lights of the skyscrapers turning on and off and off and on. Thinking about how it all looks random, and probably how it actually isn’t random. I mean it’s not at all random. People turn lights on and off not at random: they turn them on and off at specific times for specific needs. And a lot of these times and needs are dictated not by the individuals, but by common events, like time of the year, temperature, atmospheric events, political events, cost of electricity, or society events, like a big happening in the middle of the night, like if man is landing on the moon at 4 in the morning, most likely everyone is going to be awake, or if its new years eve everybody is going to be awake.

So even what we do is so completely unknown these lights switching on and off, and the noise on the power lines. Its constant clicks of all these electronic and electric machines switching on and off are completely out of control. Modeling this stuff would be crazy. One would have to generate a program and let it run to build itself because its so much data. And that’s probably what happened with us here… Back to The Matrix!



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