Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-06-18}   Bell’s Palsy

Two days ago I have developed the first symptoms of facial paralysis. Turns out to be Bell’s Palsy. Because i had to travel for work (I am now already in Istanbul) and the remote possibility of not healing 100% I decided to take an aggressive approach.

I know that Bell’s palsy is self-limiting and in most cases, even if untreated, cures itself in a few months. So homeopathic therapy and a relaxed life would have been a treatment I would have had complete faith in. However, the fact of two work meetings back to back with travel and sales materials to worry about…

Bottom line is, I am learning how to do intramuscular injections on my own 🙂 shooting up vitamin B and corticosteroids. I’m still not confident, this morning I almost fainted… But last night went perfect: 0 pain, I mean 0, nothing before, during, or after. And this gives me faith that I can learn how to do them left and right in zero pain.

In the picture I am trying to close both eyes as hard as possible.



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