Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-07-02}   Bell’s Palsy Day 16

We have excluded any possibilities for some serious causes to the palsy. It’s only an inflammation at this point, probably viral, probably Epstein Barr, from blood test results. The palsy is getting worse, that means I’m getting the functionality back, right? Yes. So yesterday for the first time I was able to blink again, closing the eye foe the affected side while keeping the other one open. Eye functionality is now good enough not to be disturbing. It still doesn’t fully close when I blink quickly with both eyes.

Mouth is still behind. No trombone possible. The sound is terrible and I have almost no control. Yesterday I had an appointment with acupuncturist, but unfortunately I missed it as I left the house too late and the fact that i got stuck in traffic also didn’t help. Rescheduling is tricky, because everyone is on vacation now.

I have done one session of Shiatsu, which was a touching experience for me. I was really touched, no pun intended 😉 I was prescribed clay to cool down the inflammation, which I am doing.

However, definitely improving.


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