Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-07-21}   American Gigolo

Saw it again yesterday on TV. I couldn’t get my eyes off of it. I don’t know, i don’t think it was for the actual plot, it was that 1980 Los Angeles… and the young Gere.

At this movie, i learned to recognize yet another common plot style, in which the protagonist goes down throughout the movie, which left me with the doubt whether he would get framed or saved at the last minute. And he does get framed, he gets arrested, essentially he looses. Then at the very end of the movie, it seems like they just compressed another hour of movie in like 5 minutes, and saved the character. That ending was definitely cheesy.

I was particularly flattered by the looks of Lauren Hutton, who reminded me, at times, of a friend. while at other times i found her particularly unattractive.

I was also pleasantly surprised to notice the lack of violent scenes.

The movie reminded me how much Hollywood has learned to make movies over the years: American Gigolo felt very primitive in its production, in a way. This is a sensation i had, based on some cuts, some shots, and particularly the ending. And the acting of Leon (Bill Duke).


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