Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-08-30}   Polar Zoo

An interesting zoo in bardu. Lots of space for local animals only. I found it extremely interesting. Especially being able to hang out inside the wolf fenced area with three wolves. At first we walk in and the wolves are excited to see us. So we kneel down to let them lick our mouths. It’s their way to check us out. After this they and we calm down quite a bit. I must admit, I was scared before: I never french kissed with anyone else than female human beings. And now here I am french kissing with male and female wolves, realizing how gender makes really no difference…

Wolves are like big dogs who get really violent when they get too excited. It’s like once they hit that threshold, one cannot stop them anymore. When dogs are violent, it might be possible to pull them back or to yell at them. However apparently this does not work with wolves. It’s better not to get them excited in the first place.

And then lynx, moose, deer, polar fox all really exciting. When we went it was the day the keepers let the deers out for the winter. I didn’t have enough confidence to get too close to them though. It was too much for the day. 🙂



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