Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-09-01}   Henningsvær, Norway

A small fishermen town on Lofoten (west lines). To get there, cross two one lane bridges.

Had coffee, fish-soup and room at a mountain climbers place. Very cozy.

Met Heike a whale researcher, who goes out at sea alone, 10h at a time to collect data. She has a hard time finding someone who can keep up at her pace, so she works alone so far.

Met Cecilia, a pottographer. She has developed a technique to be able to make clay photosensitive, and use it as photographic paper. I am always amazed by people who keep working on something, even without results, driven by faith and passion. She likes Henningsvær’s winters: it’s time to sleep and rest after a long active summer with little sleep. And when the resting starts to get boring, the sun and tourists arrive. And when they get boring, the long resting nights arrive. I like that wisdom!

I met a guy who was working on the construction site of the old caviar factory, who told me how buildings are build. With insulation and all. They were using insulated bricks: each piece a concrete-insulation-concrete sandwich. This wall new wall is wrapping the original stone-concrete wall. He said this is not common. Usually houses are build out of wood and about 15-20cm insulation. Plastic wrapping to make them airtight. If the new houses don’t pass the pressure test, they are not approved for living.





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