Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-09-03}   Tromsø, Norway

I had a 6 hour layover in Tromsø today. a very sunny day, lots of people outside. I found out that prepaid mobile plans are not that bad here: with less than 10€ I can have a sim card paying about 0,11€/min and 2,5€/day for Internet. Got a new pouch for cell phone and I took me quite some time to pick out a cd to buy. At the end it was Kaia Bremnes. I ordered an €18 sandwich about 15 mins ago. Now I better go see if they will manage to serve it to me within the next 5 minutes, otherwise I might miss the plane. Kind of frustrating: I thought a sandwich would be something quick.
In Tromsø, the busses are equipped with special seats for infants or for changing them:

In Norway, shopping centers and big supermarkets have their opening and closing hours posted as huge as the logo on the building itself. Seems strange at first. However of I think about it, I get most frustrated when I walk all the way up to the door only to find out they are closed.


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