Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-09-04}   Oslo, Norway

Didn’t do much, really. Landed from Tromsø at about 18h, looked for hotel and booked single room @ Gardermoen Airport Motell for NOK495 over free wifi, which needs a user and pass combination which I got from information desk. S44 to Motell is NOK70 each way. Not bad for an 8 minute ride! Could have walked it. Didn’t think about it.

On TV watched Monty Python, not as funny as I hoped. In between, on a different channel, i found myself getting emotional on a Norwegian game show, the one where the team has to guess a sentence using as clues body gestures, no words, no tools, of one of the team members… Interesting. It’s not the first time I cry watching people performing in front of others.

However on discovery channel, a documentary on Ed Stafford’s Walking the Amazon Mission and Cho, who walked the entire length of the Amazon river in about 2,5 years. That’s another one of those amazing achievements of man. Apparently nobody had done it in history before.


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