Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-09-07}   Tre Tigri contro Tre Tigri

Rete 4

Italian comedy 1977, divided in 3 stories. I started seeing it from half way through the first story. Did i like the movie? Well, not sure. At first i was desperately trying to find a bond between the title and the stories. Couldn’t find any. All three stories have to do with some kind of betrayal within a couple.

In all three stories, the main actors excelled in performance: Renato Pozzetto, Enrico Montesano and Paolo Villaggio certainly performed very well, as they always did. It felt like the producers put together this movie, with a poor plot line, just to score hit. It feels like this is the precursor of the idiotic italian comedies that come out for new year’s and christmas here in italy, even though its much more fun, and much less idiotic.

Mainly male characters, women used for their bodies. Some boobs showing. I’m happy i have seen it, as it appears to be a classic, however i wouldn’t be thrilled to have to watch it again.


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