Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-09-11}   Face Off

I’ve seen Face Off movie a while back, and, oddly, i remembered it, when i saw it again. Its a super violent classic hollywood blockbuster, so why did i remember so much of it when i recently happened to see it again?

I came to the conclusion its about the story and the acting: the fact that the bad guy switches roles with the good guy, creates a whole new scenario, which is kinda new to the classic blockbuster movie. First of all, at the end, the bad guy can’t die, because the good guy needs his face back.

Secondly, the whole time, the good guy is playing the role of the bad guy and the bad guy of the good guy! Which creates a double acting scenario. It made me immagine a lot: “If i were, say, john travolta, how would i prepare for such a role?” Maybe i would ask Cage to act out my role first, tape it, then watch it a million times, then act it out, so that i move, talk and act out like Cage. Interesting perspective.

And the whole idea of actually being the wife of these men who are not them anymore, makes the viewer think about how much importance they give to physical appearance.

I won’t forget about this movie. It stuck with me for a day or so after i’ve watched it. It did make me feel more violent, though, after watching it. I haven’t counted the deaths in the movie, but eyeballing it must be at least 50-100.


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