Il Diario di Tinton

{2011-11-24}   Pina 3D

Bello che non era doppiato.

Inquitante, non è strutturato in maniera semplice. Va interpretato, bisogna ragionarci sopra.

It’s not laid out for the audience. One cannot turn the brain off and watch. So was Pina Bausch’s works, probably.

Enigmatic, just as Pina probably was too. Not many words. Through her silence, she gave importance to the few words she did say. That’s what i interpreted from the movie.

At first i didn’t really understand why make this a 3D movie. Then watching it though, it became clear: it really feals like being there, at a theater. It made sense, its a whole different experience. Especially cool being able to see the performances from angles not possible to be seen when in a theater.

It’s sort of a dedica to Pina. Those who have worked with her for years have a chance to send her a 3D message through this movie.


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