Il Diario di Tinton

{2012-04-09}   Skype misses the point…

Have you ever seen this slogan on the newer Skype versions? My question is: Who wants to call someone in one click?? Isn’t that exactly what most of users keep doing by accident and would like to avoid? Like going through once address book, then, oops, the call goes to someone we absolutely have no interest in calling at all, and then we try to hang up, but it’s too late: Skype will now warn them of a missed call from us…

There is nothing wrong in reducing click for certain actions, but i think some actions should have more clicks, or the one click be harder to find. Skype changed so much, and is so different from each version, that i keep making phone calls, when i just want to see the user’s profile. Luckily i have a very laggy internet connection, which gives me plenty of time to abort the call before the call has been initiated.


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