Il Diario di Tinton

{2012-06-24}   If you are in Spain and need a SIM, don’t go for Movistar

logo_movicellI stayed for a week or so in Spain with a colleague, and figured i would get me a local SIM card for the iPhone to avoid roaming data costs. However, the internet experience was not excellent. I remember we had to go back to the Movicell store, because it took a long time to activate, about 24h, which we didn’t find out about until later (i.e. the Movistar guy never informed us it would take so long). The guy at the counter wasn’t too informed about all the ins and outs of the various plans, and it wasn’t easy to find a Movicell store with a SIM cutter for iPhones.

I remember the colleague who was with me couldn’t use the SIM card because he ran out of credit and it was very tricky to top off via web. I ended up running to the store and doing it there.


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