Il Diario di Tinton

{2013-01-11}   Blues Brothers 2000

When i started watching this movie, i knew it wasn’t going to be a great movie. I mean, how can one top the Blues Brothers? And indeed so it was. However, i didn’t imagine it could have been that bad. I didn’t know Dan Akroyd could perform that poorly, to be sincere.

OK, the music was good, and seeing the band come back together gave me a beautiful feeling. But the movie as a whole reminded me in a way of a porn movie, where the story is super lame, the effects are ridiculous and the only reason why one watches them is for the sex scenes. Same here: lame story, ridiculous effects, and the only reason to watch would be the music and the dancing.

The story is very similar to the original movie, except everything that has been added seemed put together by a 10 year old. For example the scene in which the commander, now part of the band, from the stage explains to his colleague that he is OK, and she simply shrugs and says “OK.” ??!! What??!! Just “OK”? is that really all you can come up with? And there are plenty such scenes.

I’m glad i watched it, so i know what it’s about. I enjoyed the music and i enjoyed the kid’s (Buster) dancing! That was really cool.


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