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{2014-02-20}   Not Guilty


Ads like these could be illegal, in my opinion. Not only for the content of the ad per se, also for promoting anti-ethical behavior: it’s a message saying “it’s ok not to be ethical, you can do it too, and you won’t suffer from negative consequences”. The same message comes across by the fact that there is an agency that is willing to help such behavior by posting billboards around Chicago. So the reader looks at it, and thinks “well then maybe it’s not that bad after all…” even if his/her conscience tells them otherwise.


The photo is really small, so I can’t read the entire ad. I get the idea though. The difference between what flies in the U.S. as compared to Canada for legal marketing is incredible. I’m thinking specifically of this ad that ran, I think in Georgia, during the super Bowl: That just wouldn’t fly up here, and probably it shouldn’t be allowed anywhere. At best it degrades the profession, at worst it misleads people about what to expect from a lawyer and the legal system.

Toni says:

Thanks, I posted a larger version.

I checked out the video you posted, it seems thought, that at least Casino is shooting for being ethical. I’m not sure how to interpret all the church references, but at the end, he wants to be the good guy.

In the ad I posted above, they clearly are stating they protect guilty people!

Yeah, I definitely don’t like what’s being implied in that ad. Beyond the ethically questionable content of the thing, he then spells criminal with a “K” in his website address. I can forgive unethical lawyers, but never will I forgive a bad speller. Thanks for posting the bigger picture.

Toni says:


Don’t you think they did it on purpose, because it was the closest domain available to “” which was probably already taken by someone?

Or maybe you were being funny…

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